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Our history
Dating back from 1979, we have been more or less active in keeping Rootes cars alive in Holland.
First as some extended family hobby, then founding the Rootes group car register in Holland in 1980.
In 1981 we sat together and formed the Sunbeam-Talbot and Rootes register of Holland. In 1997 this club was renamed more consistently into the Rootes Car club of Holland.
This car club is run by very enthusiast club members, publishing their magazine Correspondence 4 times a year and organizing many outings, meetings and special events.
Please check out their web site by following the link on this page.
From 2000 we wanted to professionalize our services to Rootes Car enthusiasts by founding a company specializing in parts for Rootes group cars from 1945 to 1975.
This has lead to the Rootes (Post vintage) Parts Service, still run as a parttime activity helping enthusiasts to quality parts.
We respond to emails daily and pack and ship parts in the weekends.

Recently funded engine projects
Oilpump repair set 5220340 for our 1494/1592 engines have arrived!
Engine Bearing sets for 1956-67 4 cylinder 3-bearing engines 1390, 1494 and 1592.
- All sizes main and bigend bearings now available.
Engine Bearing sets for 1958-67 6 cylinder ohv 3 Ltr.
- All sizes main and bigend bearings now available.
Engine Bearing sets for 1948-67 4 cylinder 2267 Ltr. (Humber, Sunbeam Talbot, Commer)
Sunbeam Talbot Alpine MK 1, 90  MK 2 and 2a  
- Waterpump Sunbeam /Hillman / Humber / Singer 4 cyinder 1954-60 1390-1494
- Waterpump Sunbeam Talbot Alpine MK 1, 90  MK 2 and 2a
For the Sunbeam Talbot 90 mk2 , MK2a, and Alpine Mk 1 we have engaged to make a small number of complete waterpumps.
Protect your rear bumber with a towbar!
Look at our webpage as for most current models we hold (limited )stock!

Shock absorber sets see special offer page

New petrol tank units/ senders
Now in -limited- stock available for
Sunbeam Alpine series 1-2
Sunbeam Alpine series 3-4-5, Tiger
Humber Hawk, Snipe 1959-
Sunbeam Talbot 90 mk3

Thermostat / wateroutlets for
- Humber 6OHV 1958 onwards
- Commer Walkthru 6OHV 1958 onwards
- Sunbeam /Hillman / Humber / Singer 4 cyinder 1961-68

NEW Trackrod / steering control rods
- Sunbeam Talbot 80/90 steering control rod
- Early Minx, Husky, Gazelle, Rapier 1956-58
- Centre trackrod (accros behind engine)all models 1956-67

We have waterpumps or repair kits for most models 1949- 81:
Imp, Avenger, Humber, Hillman, Singer, Commer and Sunbeam. Just sent us an Email with your requirements
Kits from 39.50  New pumps as from 59.50
  Recent additions  
- Sunbeam /Hillman / Humber / Singer 4 cyinder 1954-60 1390-1494
- Sunbeam Talbot Alpine MK 1, 90  MK 2 and 2a

Engine mounts for
Minx, Rapier series 1-2 (2.5 cm high)
Hillman S. Minx MK1, Humber Vogue (Austr.) 4.5cm high
Made with the correct rubber compound. Not too soft, not too hard.
Oil resistant.You will notice direct the difference in engine vibration !!!

Camshafts for Alu head engines
Camshaft for the 1494 and 1592 Alu head engines
Camshaft for the 1725  Alu head engines
Camfollowers (Tappets) for 1390, 1494, 1592 and 1725 Cast Iron head engines
Camfollowers (Tappets) for 6 cyl OHV  Humber/ Commer engines
Camfollowers (Tappets) for IMP engines
Rocker shaft set for the 1494, 1592 and 1725 Alu head engines
Rocker shaft set for the 1390, 1494, 1592 and 1725 Cast Iron head engines
 Have a look at our  Aladins Cave, we just added some new rare stock: fe. 1950's steeringbox for Mark Minx and Husky, Commer, Dodge   

Have a look around with these shortcuts to your car / model:
Sunbeam Alpine series 1-5,  Harrington   |   Sunbeam Talbot 90 and Talbot Alpine   |   Sunbeam Tiger   |   Humber Super snipe, Hawk and Imperial   |   Arrow series 1966-76   |   Avenger and Chrysler Sunbeam   |   IMP and variants from 1963- 1976   |   Commer 1500 & 2500; Walkthru   |   Hillman Super Minx, Singer Vogue, Humber Sceptre, Rapier, Hillman Minx, Gazelle, Husky, Cob, Venezia   |   Engine mounts   |   Sparkplugs   |   Hydraulic parts

What we can do for you
We supply parts for all types of Rootes group cars from 1936 onwards.
We have decided focus our investment scheme on parts that are required to keep your car on the road and are less and less common to find.
For more common bread-and-butter parts we consider the internet (f.e. Ebay) as a good source for you.      
Our new old stock supply is still considerably large but changes constantly. That makes it impossible to publish partslists per car.  
We recently added new lines of parts and extended some others.
Please check out this website regularly to learn more !

How to order
We have no shop-to-drop-by but we rely on email. We do our best to answer questions within 2-3 days.
Allways provide as much details as you have on the car where a chassisnumber is preferred.
Do not hesitate to put pictures in the emails to clarify what you are looking for.   
All our Rootes parts are registred on original partsnumbers, so please refer to these Rootes numbers as much as possible when enquiring or ordering parts form us.
For those that have no partslist: we can supply you with a copy from as little as 30 !
We accept Paypal. For European sales we prefer banktransfer as these are quick, safe and cheap.

Below other samples of our own reproduction lines:
Sunbeam Venezia
Lens for the front Indicator unit (Altissimo) Limited supply!


We have some rather rare types & special versions in stock.fe. Sunbeam Talbot 90 Coupe & Saloon, Sunbeam Venezia, The tailgate glass for the Sunbeam Harrington LeMans and toughened doorglass for some of your cars.
We ship our screens safely to you -around the world- in specially made wooden crates.
Our customers reference them as "bulletproof", relatively light and easy to handle. Shipping starts from 65 euro.
A Talbot 90 Windscreen travels to Canada for 165 euro ! (Jan 2019)
......extra special...
Hillman Imp, Sunbeam Alpine & Tiger  with Green Tinted top !!
Sunbeam Talbot Lotus and TI in bronze, blanc and green Tint
Click HERE to find out more!

Postage enquiries and orders: please sent an email with your requirements
Click box below
Now avaliable !
Windscreens for most models in stock. Shipping --within EU- no problem!!
Brand new windscreens fe. Sunbeam Talbot 90 Coupe & Saloon.
Sunbeam Tiger also with Tinted top version
Click HERE to find out more!

Brake servos for most models in stock. Shipping --within EU- no problem!!

We carry a full line of brake parts for allmost all cars and years.

Sometimes we have real bargains or located some extremely rare parts. You will find them in our: (click Aladins cave below)

You own a Non-Rootes car but british build like BMC Ford Healey Vauxhall etc. ?
Please feel free to Email us for other requirements as we have a lot of Lucas, Girling, Lockheed, Smiths, Jaeger and Reinz and/or Payen stuff in stock!
What we do not do
Repairs, welding and restoration of your Rootes group cars. There are excellent body shops and garages for repairs about.
Parts for Simca, Chrysler France and Talbot UK after 1979.

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Tineke Malherbe Dupont