New !!!
Brand new windscreens from original moulds !
Also rare types & special versions  incl Commer PA-PB
Tinted top possible on special order
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Most Rootes windscreens & models in stock ready for shipping.
Shipping to your home--within major EU-countries  no problem!!
Brake servo kit
Complete kit to replace the current servo
Fits all Commers PA PB 199 plus vat

Walk Thru models

King pin set
Complete set
Per side 65
Head gasket set
Commer 6 OHV 3 litre
Price 135+VAT

Head gasket
Commer 6 OHV 3 litre
Humber Imperial, Super Snipe
from series 1 onwards
Price 85.75 +VAT

Head gasket

2267 cc OHV
Price 48+VAT

Waterpump repair kit:

Contains new bearing and new seal
Please state model (series) when ordering !!!
Price 39.50+VAT

Oilpump repair set 5220340
for our 1592 engines.
Rotor, vane and hardened shaft
Offer price    59.50 +VAT
For series 2-4
Oilpump repair set  
for our  2267 OHV engines.
Rotor, vane and hardened shaft
Offer price    89.50 +VAT

Waterpump Impellor
4 Cylinder petrol OHV
6 Cylinder petrol OHV
40 plus VAT
NEW P111374 Thermostat  cover
Thermostat Cover Water Outlet
6 OHV 1958-67
Price 49,50 + VAT

Commer 1500 and 2500 PA and PB
Track rod ends
1 Pair:
Left-hand & right-hand thread
all models

Price per pair 42.50+VAT

Brake parts avaliable for all models and series

Engine parts & Cooling parts
Camfollowers (Tappets) for  1494, 1592 and 1725 Cast Iron head engines

Tappet - shaft (pair) (Cast Iron head)
Now new in stock  
Price 69.50 +VAT

Original water pumps
For all 1592 and 1725 cc engines, now in stock again!!
Designed for better flow and uprated pressure.
Cast iron creates less corrosion.
Price 72.50 +VAT

Main bearing set 1956-1967 (1390, 1494 and 1592)
STD, 010", 020" and 030" for the 1390, 1494 and 1592 Sunbeam, Hillman, Singer and Humber 4 cylinder engines..
Offer price    59.50 +VAT
For series 1-4
Big end  bearing sets 1592 cc and 1494 cc
STD, 010", 020" and 030" for the 1494 and 1592 Sunbeam, Hillman, Singer and Humber 4 cylinder engines.
Offer price    49.50 +VAT
Please state for series 1 1494 cc
for series 2-4 1592 cc
Waterpump repair kit
A) Commer Cob, Hillman Husky 1956- 1961
B) Side valve 1948-54

Kit comprises bearing and seal

Price 39.50+VAT
Please state model/serie when ordering !!!
Some parts in stock for side valve engines
Thermostat cover
Thermostat Housing Cover
24,50 + VAT

Thermostat housing 1963 onwards
Complete with gaskets
From 59.50   now  only 49.50

Engine mounts
Handed, come in pairs
Price 34,50 + VAT per pair

Layshaft Gearbox
Covers all PA-PB models  

Price 34.75+VAT

Synchromesh rings
All 4 synchro models
Price 21.75+VAT

Starterring gear
Made by an original supplier.
Avaliable for 1390, 1494, 1592 and 1725 engined cars.
Price each 69.95 only!
Steering and suspension
Treathed pin and bush
All Commer Pa/Pb models
Price 31.50+VAT

Top fulcrum pin and bush (set) (P.48375)
All series 1500/2500 PA/PB
Price 69.50+VAT
Lower fulcrum pin and bush (set)
All series 1500/2500 PA/PB

Price 89.50+VAT
Kingpin set
All series 1500/2500 PA/PB

Price 44.50+VAT

Relay lever pin
Part no 1202350
Kit includes 2 bushes Price per kit 54
Relay lever repair kit 1959-1967
Replacement steering idler pin as original Rootes part in design and quality.

Rear spring rear bush,
Price 9.50+VAT

Valve Guides
Made by an original supplier.
Set of 8 : 4 inlet, 4 exhaust.
Avaliable for all 1390, 1496, 1592 and 1725 engines, alu or cast iron head.
Price per set  (4+4) 36.50 only!

Pistons for 1592 and 1725 engines !
Sizes STD, +0.30"
and +0.40"
( incl rings, clips and pins)
plus VAT where appl.
The  most common size sold was 030", but we had demand for other sizes of our premium quality pistons.
From now we have the sizes 0.20", 0.30", 0.40", and even ...... 0.50" ( 325 )
Click here to see more about these pistons and rings!
Note: these are NOT the Australian or Israelian make pistons.
Our pistons are reinforced, high pressure casted and turned pistons.

Many parts in stock for all models 1970-81. Please sent email for more information

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