IMP and variants from 1963- 1976

Brand new windscreens from original moulds !
Also rare types & special versions covering:
Imp Saloon, Chamois  
Commer Imp Van & Husky
Stiletto, Coupe and Californian with Green Tinted top version avaliable
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Most Rootes windscreens & models in stock ready for shipping.
Shipping to your home ( EU, Americas, Asia) no problem!!


New camshaft VALVE tappets for all Imp & derivates (1964-1976)  are avaliable now!
Made to the newest standard in car manufacturing.
Provides a better oil film retention, less wear and allows higher revs.

Thermostat cover
New Imp & derivates (1964-1976) thermostat covers are avaliable now!
Very nice finish, high pressure Diecast product

The Imp owners delight
New Imp & derivates (1964-1976) waterpumps are avaliable now!


Fitting Guide

Waterpump repair kits for Hillman Imp
DIY sets including shaft and impellor. Complete kit !
From 59.50   

Brake parts avaliable for all models and series

Flexible coupling gearshift to gearbox

Carefully remanufactured to original specifications
Limited stock left!

Price 29,50+VAT
Track rod
Long, c/w bush and
greaseable ball joint

Price 38.75 +VAT

Track rod
Short, c/w greaseable
ball joint

Price 32.50 +VAT

Steering rack gaiter
Original Rootes design:
With enforcements where trackrod bolt fits in
part no 7080006

Price 42.75+VAT

Engine mount
All models
The original !  
Price 22 + Vat

Imp gearbox mounts
Made with the correct tooling

Price 69.50 + Vat
King pin set
Early MK 1 models 1963-64
2 sides 49.50
King pin set
MK 2 onwards models 1965-76
2 sides 49.50
Bearing sets  for Hillman Imp engines.
New old stock Rootes/ Chrijsler
As stocks last
Mains in STD   59.50   
Big ends  in STD   59.50   
Starterring gear
Made by the original supplier.

Price each 69.95 only!
Many parts in stock for all models 1963-76. Please sent email for more information