Hunter series (Arrow models)
Cars build between 1966-1976
Hillman Hunter, Minx, GLS
Singer Gazelle, Vogue
Sunbeam Rapier, H120,
Humber Sceptre

Brake servo kit
Complete kit to replace the current servo
Fits all Hillmans Humbers and Alpine 199 plus vat

Brand new windscreens from original moulds !
Also rare types & special versions  like tinted versions for saloon and coupé
Click HERE to find out more!
Most Rootes windscreens & models in stock ready for shipping.
Shipping to your home--within major EU-countries  no problem!!

Electronic and standard distributors
Distributors for 1725 aluminium head engines.
This is a late 45D4 Lucas type version, specially made for us.
Will do Humber Sceptre 1-3, Rapier 1-4, Alpine 2-5, Arrow twin carb  etc.)
The electronic version Neg earth car only !
45DE4 Electronic 195 plus vat
Buy now 155

45D4 standard version 140 plus VAT

Buy now 99

Contact breaker less version 45DE4
Standard model

For windscreens please check here
Water pump
For 1966-76 Arrow models, standard fan coupling
Price 68.75+VAT
Now only 49,50 !

Camshafts for the 1725 Alu head engines
Now only 169,50 !
Humber Sceptre MK 3
Vogue  (1725-alu head)
Hunter Minx  (1725- alu head)

Waterpump for
1974-76 Arrow models, with viscous Holset coupling  

Viscous fan models
Price 78.00+VAT
Now only 59,50 !
Camfollowers (Tappets) for 4 cyl OHV  engines 1956 onwards.

Allways replace camfollowers when rebuilding
your engine!

Valve Guides
Made by an original supplier.
Set of 8 : 4 inlet, 4 exhaust.
Avaliable for all 1390, 1496, 1592 and 1725 engines, alu or cast iron head.

Price per set  (4+4) 36.50 only!

Rocker- shaft (pair)
Avaliable for alu and cast iron head (1725cc)
Now new in stock  
Price 69.50 +VAT

Pulley, damper Arrow models
1725cc from 1967 onwards
High quality remake of the original "Metalastic" type pulleys fitted form 1966 onwards on fe. Rapier, Alpine and Sceptre
Lightweight (LM13)  & pre balanced.
Price 79.75+VAT
Now only 69.50 !

Lays haft Gearbox
Covers all models 1966-76  part 1235274

Price 34.75+VAT

Synchromesh rings
All models 1966 onwards
Price 21.75+VAT

Full sets pistons, piston rings and valveguides !

Gearbox mounts
All Arrow models 1966-76

Price 24.50+VAT

Starterring gear
Made by the original supplier.
Avaliable for  all 1725 engined cars.
Price each 69.95

New crown wheel and pinion sets
All models Arrow 1968-76
1:4.22 ,1: 3.89
Price 295 + vat

Differential gear set (1961-)
New set gears and shaft for the Rootes Diff unit 1961 onwards (fine spline)
Price 69,50 +VAT

Engine parts and gasket sets
Full sets pistons, piston rings and valveguides !
Head gasket set
Cast iron head
Please ask

Head gasket set
Aluminium head

Pistons for 1592 and 1725 engines !
Sizes STD, +0.30"
and +0.40"
( incl rings, clips and pins)
plus VAT where appl.
The  most common size sold was 030", but we had demand for other sizes of our premium quality pistons.
From now we have the sizes 0.20", 0.30", 0.40", and even ...... 0.50" !!!!
Click here to see more about these pistons and rings!
Note: these are NOT the Australian or Israelian make pistons.
Our pistons are reinforced, high pressure casted and turned pistons.

Many parts in stock for all models 1970-81. Please sent email for more information