Sunbeam Alpine series 1-5

For windscreens please check here
The online Alpine series 5 Workshop manual

Brake parts avaliable for all models and series
Look HERE for Hydraulic parts
Brake servo kit
Complete kit to replace the current servo
Fits all Alpine  199 Tigers 219

Brand new windscreens from original moulds !
Also rare types & special versions :
Sunbeam Alpine 1-2 and 3-5 & Tiger  with Green Tinted top
Click HERE to find out more!
Most Rootes windscreens & models in stock ready for shipping.
Shipping to your home--within major EU-countries  no problem!!

Engine parts & Cooling parts

New Camshafts for the 1494  and 1592 Alu head engines
Only 169,50 !
Allways replace camfollowers when rebuilding your engine!
Camshafts for the 1725 Alu head engines
Only 169,50 !

Oilpump repair set 5220340
for our 1592 engines.
Rotor, vane and hardened shaft
Offer price    59.50 +VAT
For series 2-4

Camfollowers  for 1390, 1494, 1592 and 1725 Alu head engines
Offer price    49.50 +VAT
Main bearing set 1956-1967 (1390, 1494 and 1592)
STD, 010", 020" and 030" for the 1390, 1494 and 1592 Sunbeam, Hillman, Singer and Humber 4 cylinder engines..
Offer price    59.50 +VAT
For series 1-4
Big end  bearing sets 1592 cc and 1494 cc
STD, 010", 020" and 030" for the 1494 and 1592 Sunbeam, Hillman, Singer and Humber 4 cylinder engines.
Offer price    49.50 +VAT
Please state for series 1 1494 cc
for series 2-4 1592 cc
Rocker- shaft (pair)  ALU HEAD
All models 1959-67
Now new in stock  
Price 69.50 +VAT
Original water pumps
For all 1592 and 1725 cc engines, now in stock again!!
Designed for better flow and uprated pressure.
Cast iron creates less corrosion.
Height approx 130 mm
Price 72.50 +VAT

Original water pumps
For all 1390 and 1494 cc engines, now in stock again!!
Designed for better flow and uprated pressure.
Cast iron creates less corrosion.
Height approx 85 mm

Price 79.50 +VAT
Waterpump repair kit
Sunbeam Alpine 1-2
Price 39.50+VAT
Kit comprises bearing and seal

Please state model/serie when ordering !!!

Thermostat housing 1963 onwards
Complete with gaskets
Normal 59.50   
 Only 49.50

Thermostat cover
Thermostat Housing Cover
Fits: Alpine 3,4 & 5, Rapier.
24,50 + VAT
New! Engine mounts
Made with the correct rubber compound. Not to soft, not to hard. You will notice direct the difference in engine vibration !!!
Price 19,50 + VAT
Electronic and standard distributors
Distributors for 1600 and 1725 aluminium head engines.
This is a late 45D4 Lucas type version, specially made for us.
Will do Humber Sceptre 1-3, Rapier 1-4, Alpine 2-5, Arrow twin carb  etc.)
For early models with tacho drive (series 1-3 Alpine, 1-3 Rapier) we have a version without the drive dog. Just refit yours.
The electronic version Neg earth car only !
45DE4 Electronic 195 plus vat

Buy now 149
plus vat

45D4 standard version
140 plus VAT
Buy now 99
plus vat

Contact breaker less version 45DE4
Standard model

Crankshaft Pulley:
All 4 cylinder models 1956-66
Lightweight version of the latest type pulley with timing markers but without damper ring.

Only 89,50 each !
Limited stock
We have both the lightweight and the one in the picture with the rubber damper.
The pulleys we have made have a thight fit. The crank must therefore be very clean and smooth when fitting. This to avoid play. Play will cause the frequent cracking around the spline.
Rootes cranks were not allways made with the same tolerances, in these occasions lightly grind (with finishing paper) the pulley until it slits easily onto the crank. Use WD 40 when fitting. Our pulley has the two holes for using a puller to remove again it without distortion.

Crankshaft Pulley (excluding damper)
High quality remake of the original "Metalastic" type pulleys fitted form 1956 onwards on Fe. Rapier, Alpine and Sceptre etc.
Lightweight (LM13)  & pre balanced.

Price 89,50 + VAT

Chrome parts
Our chrome parts are chrome on brass, not the zinc aluminium compound !

Toggle catch
For hardtop and soft top
Alpine 3-5 and Tiger
Hornring for  Alpine 3-5 , Tiger 1&2 Click HERE for details


Made with the original toolset
Chrome with black painted centre.
Horn contact included!
Sunbeam Alpine series 3-5
Tiger 1 and 2
Humber Sceptre MK2
Rapier Series 4

(Lucas box is shown for display purposes only).

Badge surround
Finally avaliable
Comes with nuts and clips
Fits all
Alpine SERIES 3-5
Tiger 1&2


Door handle, outer (pair)
(handed; in pairs)
Assembled, you only reuse your own set of barrels and keys
or buy a new set only 19.50 a pair (2 barrels, 2 keys)

Price per pair: 165+VAT

Hinge Boot lid

(Handed; in pairs)

Price per pair: 125+VAT

Door handle, inner
Comes with pin and anti-rattle rubber bush as the original!

Price 16.50+VAT

Boot lid handle
Sunbeam Alpine and Tiger in chrome on brass. c/w set of brass screws to fit all models 1959-68.

Normal price 39.50+VAT

Offer price 24.50 +VAT

Petrol filler chrome ring
Alpine series 1-2
Fine reproduction part.
Gives your car that final touch

Price 39.50+VAT
Offer price  34.50 +VAT

Steering and suspension
New! Center steering rod 5220976 (QDL990) (No2 In picture )
Now again available in limited supply: The center steering rod with ball joints and grease nipples like the original Rootes part.
The rubber bushed model was introduced in the 60's as cheaper-to- produce part, removing ball joints and grease points. However it did not improve the steering at all!
This new, remanufactured part, is the ultimate replacement part for your Alpine, Hillman, Sceptre or Rapier. No sloppy, insecure steering anymore!!

Price 79.50+VAT
Offer price  69.50 +VAT

Shock absorbers

Monroe Front shock-absorbers for Alpine Series IV and V and Tiger

Price 179.50+VAT
Offer price  129.50 +VAT
Monroe rear shock-absorbers for Alpine Series III,IV and V and Tiger

Price 179.50+VAT
Offer price  129.50 +VAT
SPAX adjustable  Front shock-absorbers for Alpine Series I and II and III
Price 179.50+VAT
Offer price  129.50 +VAT

Fulcrum pin silent bushes
Series 4&5, Tiger
Original "Metalastic" type
Metal bonded bushes.
Proper fit, give back that original ride to your car!

Quantity per side: 2 per pin
Top fulcrum bush (each) 5220479
Price 11.25 +VAT
Lower fulcrum bush (each) 5220478
Price 13.50 +VAT

Relay lever pin (remote steering lever)
All Alpines 1959-67
Offer price 45 +VAT

a K.24275 Bush, steering only is 8.25 +VAT
Relay lever repair kit 1955-1967
(in picture part 6)

Replacement steering idler pin as original Rootes part in design and quality.

Kit includes 2 bushes

Kingpin set P.48890
Sunbeam Alpine 1-3 Sunbeam Rapier 1-4 Hillman Minx 1-4 Singer Gazelle 1-3 Commer Cob
This set is mumber 4 in drawing below)

Price 49.50 per side+VAT

Track rod ends
1 Pair:
Left-hand & right-hand thread pair
All models 1959-

Price per pair 42.50+VAT
Track rod shaft
1956-1967 Sunbeam Alpine series 1-5
This is the shaft that connects the 2 balljoints.
It comes including the 2 special nuts (left hand / right hand thread) Price excludes the balljoints !

Price 21.50+VAT Offer price  17.50 +VAT
NEW Top fulcrum pin and bush set
Series 4-5, Tiger 1224225
Pin c/w rings and nuts, bush separate availiable
Price per side
Offer price 69.50 +VAT  
NEW Bottom fulcrum pin and bush set
Series 4-5, Tiger 1224224

Pin c/w rings and nuts, bushes separate avaliable
Price per side
Offer price 79.50 +VAT

Alpine series 1-3
Top fulcrum pin and bush set (P.48612)
Price per side
Offer price 69.50 +VAT

NEW  P108345/P108341 Lower Eyebolt and Bush Outer series I - III
 (Drawing 15)
Price per side   29,50

Alpine series 1-3
Lower fulcrum pin and bush set (P.48610)
Price per side
Offer price 79.50 +VAT

Bump stop
front suspension

Top (1214933 p.100587)
& bottom (1207804 1216035) pan
Price each
Top 9.50+VAT
Bottom 12.00+ Vat

Original design

Ball joint (Bottom)
Alpine series 4-5, Rapier Tiger 1-2
Price 67.50+VAT Offer price  52.50 +VAT

Ball joint (Top)1962-67
Alpine series 4-5, Rapier Tiger 1-2
Price 65+VAT Offer price  49.50 +VAT
Top ball-joints for:

Sunbeam Alpine  1-3
Price 65+VAT
Offer price  49.50 +VAT

Rear suspension
Rear spring front bush, large offset

Price 16+VAT

Rear spring rear bush,
series 1-3 9188018
Price 9.50+VAT

Series 4-5 and Tiger 9188024
Price 9.75+VAT

Series 4-5 and Tiger
Bushes that fit into the chassis rail for the rear suspension
Price 9.75+VAT

Gearbox parts
Layshaft Gearbox
Covers all models 1952-76. Except Imp, Avenger and 6 cylinder Humber

All sold !

Synchromesh rings
All 4 synchro models
Price 29.50 +VAT

Starterring gear
Made by the original supplier.
Avaliable for all 1390, 1494, 1592 and 1725 engined cars.

Price each 69.95 only!
New crown wheel and pinion sets
for Alpines and  Rapiers: 1:4.22  and 1: 3.89
Price 295 + vat

Last ones:
1:3.70 Price 325 + vat

Differential gear set (1961-)
New set gears and shaft for the Rootes Diff unit 1961 onwards (fine spline)
Price 99,50 +VAT
Offer price   69.50 +VAT
Engine parts and gasket sets.
All series in stock Please ask

Full sets pistons, piston rings and valveguides !

Head gasket set
Series 1 alpine,
Rapier Series 3

Head gasket set
Series 2, 3 and 4 Alpine
Rapier 3c
Sceptre 1

Valve Guides
Made by an original supplier.
Set of 8 : 4 inlet, 4 exhaust.
Avaliable for all 1390, 1496, 1592 and 1725 engines, alu or cast iron head.
Price per set  (4+4) 36.50 only!

Pistons for 1592 and 1725 engines !
Sizes STD, +0.30"
and +0.40"
( incl rings, clips and pins)
plus VAT where appl.
The  most common size sold was 030", but we had demand for other sizes of our premium quality pistons.
From now we have the sizes 0.20", 0.30", 0.40", and even ...... 0.50" (price at request)
Click here to see more about these pistons and rings!
Note: these are NOT the Australian or Israelian make pistons.
Our pistons are reinforced, high pressure casted and turned pistons.

Many parts in stock for all models 1970-81. Please sent email for more information