Sunbeam Tiger parts

For windscreens please check here
Brake parts avaliable for all models and series
Look HERE for Hydraulic parts
Brake servo kit
Complete kit to replace the current servo
Fits all Alpine  199 Tigers 219

Brand new windscreens from original moulds !
Also rare types & special versions :
Sunbeam Tiger  with Green Tinted top
Click HERE to find out more!
Most Rootes windscreens & models in stock ready for shipping.
Shipping to your home--within major EU-countries  no problem!!

Waterpump Tiger 260-289
New Aluminium
145 plus VAT
Waterpump Tiger 260-289
NOS Original Ford  Cast Iron
165 plus VAT
( exchange for Ford cast iron only)
Chrome parts
Our chrome parts are chrome on brass, not the zinc aluminium compound !
Hornring for  Alpine 3-5 , Tiger 1&2 Click HERE for details


Made with the original toolset
Chrome with black painted centre.
Horn contact included!
Sunbeam Alpine
Tiger 1 and 2

(Lucas box is shown for display purposes only).

Badge surround
Finally avaliable
Comes with nuts and clips
Fits all
Tiger 1&2


Door handle, outer (pair)
(handed; in pairs)
Assembled, you only reuse your own set of barrels and keys
or buy a new set only 19.50 a pair (2 barrels, 2 keys)

Price per pair: 165+VAT

Hinge Boot lid

(Handed; in pairs)

Price per pair: 125+VAT

Boot lid handle
Sunbeam Tiger  in chrome on brass. c/w set of brass screws to fit all models

Normal price 39.50+VAT

Offer price 34.50 +VAT

Steering and suspension
Fulcrum pin silent bushes
Original "Metalastic" type
Metal bonded bushes.
Proper fit, give back that original ride to your car!

Quantity per side: 2 per pin
Top fulcrum bush (each) 5220479
Price 11.25 +VAT
Lower fulcrum bush (each) 5220478
Price 13.50 +VAT

Track rod ends
1 Pair:
All Tiger models

Price per pair 42.50+VAT
NEW Top fulcrum pin and bush set
Series 4-5, Tiger 1224225

Pin c/w rings and nuts, bush separate availiable
Price per side 69,50 + VAT
NEW Bottom fulcrum pin and bush set
Series 4-5, Tiger 1224224

Pin c/w rings and nuts, bushes separate avaliable
Price per side   79,50 + VAT
Bump stop
front suspension

Top (1214933 p.100587)
& bottom (1207804 1216035) pan

Original design
Price each
Top 9.50+VAT
Bottom 12.00+ Vat

Ball joint (Bottom)
 Tiger 1-2
Price 67.50+VAT Offer price  52.50 +VAT

Ball joint (Top) Tiger 1-2
Price 65+VAT Offer price  49.50 +VAT
Rear suspension
Rear spring front bush, large offset

Price 16+VAT

Rear spring rear bush,

Series 4-5 and Tiger
Bushes that fit into the chassis rail for the rear suspension
Price 9.75+VAT

Starterring gear
Made by the original supplier.

Price each 69.95 only!
Tiger Clutch kit

New CLUTCH KIT Sunbeam Tiger
Available are
10" 260/289 Original (standard road use)
10.5" 289 engines and early 302
11"  later 289 and 302 (uprated clutches)
Prices  369,50 +VAT
(no exchange-please call)

Many parts in stock for all models 1970-81. Please sent email for more information