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Here are 10 tips to address with any overheating problem:
Fulcrum pin & bush fitting instructions 1
Fulcrum pin fitting instructions 2
Girling MK2a Brake servo kit  dismantling (2)
Girling MK2a Brake servo kit  Layout (2)
Charge problems on Lucas C39-40 Dynamo's
How do you tell the difference between  a 3.89 and 4.22 differential?
Distributor fitting guide
Lucas Indicator switch SA85 repair instructions
Hillman Imp Waterpump fitting guide
Lucas 11AC  alternator guides
Lucas 11AC  alternator Brusj=hes and bearing replacement
Champion Plugs reference guide
Lucas 11AC Guides
Q: Does "left" mean "driver's side" or "passenger's side"?
A: The side is determined as if you are sitting in the vehicle.

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Links to online workshop manuals

Alpine series 5 Workshop manual

Minx Series I-IIIb &Husky/Commer Cob Series I-II Issued 1960
Hillman Minx Workshop Manual Saloon, Convertible, Estate Car Mark III-V

All  1725 Passenger car Workshop manual
Rootes workshop manual  1958-66
Hillman Minx Series I-IIIc
Hillman Super Minx Series I-II
Humber 1.6 (Singer Vogue) Series I-II
Hillman Husky Series I-II
Commer Cob Series I-II
1958-66 Models


Humber Sceptre MK 1 & 2
Hillman Husky partslist (Husky Mk. Issued August, 1954)
Hillman Minx Series I-IIIa Issued May, 1960

Car handbooks

Singer Gazelle
Humber Sceptre MK2

Trick and tips:
Here are 10 tips to address with any overheating problem: